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The Seasons offers fresh, homemade food made daily for the entire family, delivered straight to your door. Service is a top priority here, and one of the many things The Seasons prides itself on is our quality service. The Seasons service is fast and the staff are very friendly. The Seasons has it all for you, authentic Chinese, Malaysian, Nepalese, Thai – all the popular favourites as well as many innovative dishes.

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Customer Reviews of The Seasons

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  • Excellent customer service but the food was greasy, lacking flavour and caused both me and my partner upset stomachs and a sleepless night. The worst thai green curry I've had in a while. Avoid.


  • shredded chili beef was fantastic. would recommend this place. lamb, beef and chicken is halal.


  • Average taste


  • Overall Quality of the restaurant has seen its best days, the quality has been in steady decline and therefore ordering from there much less regular than I originally did still hoping for it to pick up again; unfortunately over the last couple of years without success...! The duck and Special fried rice i go t today was quite dry, the sweet sour chicken was not good but OK. Normally getting their already dry Prawn toast dry unlike other restaurants serving it with either Sweet chilly sauce or Peanut Sauce. When ordering it today and asked for the sauce i was charged an additional fee for something that should be automatically included. Its a pitty seing a restaurant that has been really good a few years ago going down like that. Well it makes space for other upcoming good quality restaurants .


  • Favourite takeaway


  • [RESUBMITTED]I like prawns however the chow mein seem like a lot of oil and soy sauce combined and need more vegetables. The tofu sweet and sour was too strong for my liking. The beef though was good and just the right taste.


  • Loved the food! Would order from here again.


  • My chicken balls were fried to the point where I cut the roof of my mouth. Very disappointed


  • The food was simply okay. A bit disappointed as previously their food was delicious. The order was incorrect as they did not read the instructions added on line. The staff was polite bit had to wait 20 minutes for food to be delivered again. Maybe third time will be a charm!


  • The food was ok but what spoiled it for me was that I got an extra portion of ribs but no chive dumplings. Just wish the would respect what you have ordered and inform you if they don't have the dishes you order. This must be very important for those with allergens


  • food is always lovely but not always online and long weight for delivery


  • Chicken balls were basically oily batter. And char siu pork was NOT like the authentic char siu pork which is soft. This one looked more like beef and was tough and hard to chew and the sauce was dark brown. Such a shame. Sea weed was burnt. Dimsum was not cooked enough pastry was still hard


  • It was so disappointing I have had food from there before & it was fantastic so I went to order the website says it delivers to my area but when you try it says no so I sent a cab only he was kept waiting so had to pay that aswell.The food ended up in the bin no taste what so ever.I won't be ordering from there again


  • Portions are quite small, particularly with the soft shell crab. Driver couldn't find my place straight away so I had to give directions on a fairly lengthy phone call - I really don't think it was difficult to find.


  • All excellent apart from being charged or delivery when it was not stated before that i had to pay extra.